Sarah Brown Yoga


Sarah Brown Yoga


Sadly all workshops are cancelled until futher notice.

However mini day retreats and workshops are offered via Zoom.

Please see Sarah Brown Yoga on Facebook and Instagram for details.


Upcoming Workshops @The Cabin, SE19


Please note a minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel or the full amount is due

Monthly Workshops:

Yoga Nidra (Sleep Yoga)

£12 per session 

Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing, accessible way to meditate. Through a process of ‘waking dreaming’ major change and transformation is possible even in one session.

Yoga Nidra can help improve sleep, improve general health, decrease stress and heal emotional issues.

No experience is necessary to practice. Just lie down and make yourself comfortable and you will be guided into a dreamy, calm, relaxed state.

Leave feeling rested and rejuvenated.


Full Moon Gong Baths

£12 per session

A Gong Bath (meditation) is a fully clothed, relaxing and blissful experience where you bathe in healing sound waves. Simply lay down, close your eyes and relax. The perfect opportunity to de-stress and rejuvenate.

The sounds of The Gongs will retune you on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, thus bringing you back to harmony. The full moon makes The Gongs even more powerful as this is the most energetic time of the month and the natural time for cleansing and change. Leave feeling rested and restored.


Other Workshops: