Corporate Classes

Sarah can plan the day/s to suit your company’s needs. She hosts yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions which can be taken via Zoom or in person.

As she is also a personal trainer she can add fitness sessions: general fitness, dance, Zumba, boxing, circuit training.

Many companies already see yoga sessions as invaluable. Here’s why:

  • A great way to bond
  • Gives a mental and physical boost to kick off the day, or prepare for the after lunch slump
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, increases energy and productivity
  • Great for fitness, toning, flexibility and strengthens the immune system which leads to less sick days
  • Its helps you feel fresh throughout the day and achieve more
  • Great way to bring you back to the present moment. From here you have the space to think more clearly and make decisions
  • Cost: available on request

Sessions can include:

Team Building yoga and/or fitness

These sessions can involve yoga or fitness or both. Small group tasks are given and the sessions are very interactive.

Partner stretch

Mainly yoga based, participants work in pairs or small groups to stretch and ease out the body. Great for relaxation and also for team building.

Mindfulness & Meditation made simple

These words are over used and can sound scary. The aim of this session is to demystify these practices and give participants simple tools to use in every day life.

Relax and unwind

In these sessions movements are slow, allowing the body and mind the relaxation they crave.

Yoga mini retreat

A mini retreat can happen anywhere – anytime. The half or full day can consist of a combination of the above or can be tailor made to suit any group. From vigorous to relaxing there is something for all.


Corporate Yoga Testimonials

‘Sarah’s sessions have been invaluable to staff at the College. They have provided a reason for people to actually stop working and focus on themselves and their wellbeing for an hour. Sarah’s approach has been so accommodating and flexible allowing other family members to participate during lockdown and feedback has been really positive including:

“Sarah is great, and the hour goes so quickly.  It’s making such a difference to me to have a reason to stop early on a Thursday and focus on stretching and relaxing – I can really feel the benefits!”

 “I just want to say that I slept really well last night for the first time in ages! The Yoga session was so relaxing I almost fell asleep at the end!”

I can highly recommend Sarah as a teacher.’

Jo Tremain, Royal College of Art


‘We were unsure if our employees would enjoy yoga but wanted to introduce it to help them with stress management. Gradually they began to come to the sessions. Sarah has such an approachable manner that she gently encouraged them in. Her explanations are so clear that nobody felt out of their depth.  On the days our employees do yoga they report feeling less stresses and more productive. I would highly recommend Sarah to work with your organisation as she tailor makes sessions to suit your needs. For example our employees do not have time to get changed for class so she just works around this. We are now booking more weekly session with her as it has made such a difference to us.’

Rebecca Chapman, Communications Officer


‘Sarah started coming into our company once a week to teach yoga sessions. This proved to be a popular choice with our staff and they began to look forward to their lunchtime fix. We then booked Sarah to run some fitness sessions. This includes a mix of boxing and circuit training and if the weather is fine she takes them outside. At the end of these sessions she leads a short meditation which puts our employees in the right frame of mind to work. Sarah is very versatile and a real asset to us – she is always happy and teach whatever the staff feel they need.’

Mark, Accountant