Sarah Brown Yoga


Sarah Brown Yoga

Sarah Brown Yoga @The Cabin, SE19

Sadly the studio is closed until further notice but you can still take part in online classes!

 Zoom classes @Sarah Brown Yoga £5 per class




9:30-10:30am: Fun & Flow

7-8pm: Fun & Flow



7-8pm: Fun & Flow



9:30-10:30am: Fun & Flow

7-8pm: Restorative Yoga & Meditation



10-11am: Fun & Flow

  • All classes are suitable for all levels.


It works as follows:

  1. Download the Zoom app (free of charge) on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer.
  2. TEXT to book in (07956 299248).
  3. Pay the fee of £5 into my account:

         Account number: 00104299

         Sort code: 110219

  1. I will send you a link for the session.
  2. A few minutes before the start of the session, click on the link and I will see you there!

All Classes Only £8

To book: call/text 07956 299248
All levels welcome

Beautiful garden studio

Free on street parking

Virtual tour of studio:

Sarah is an experienced yoga teacher who has travelled the world to learn many types of yoga.

Sarah has become tired of the large, impersonal yoga studios that dominate and prefers to teach small groups, therefore giving each student more attention. Sarah also does not agree with the high cost of most yoga classes as she believes that yoga should be available to everyone.

This has led her to create a unique yoga studio ‘Sarah Brown Yoga@The Cabin’. A sanctuary where everyone can come for classes at a reasonable price.

The studio @The Cabin is a purpose-built Yoga Shala which holds twelve students per class. It is set in a beautiful green space which is the perfect setting for yoga.



6:30-7:30pm: Beginners Yoga

7:45-8:45pm Feel Good Yoga



6:30-7:30pm Beginners Yoga

7:45-8:45pm Beginners Yoga



9:30-10:30am Feel Good Yoga

6:30-7:30pm Feel Good Yoga

7:45-8:45pm Calming Yoga



10-11am Feel Good Yoga

11:15-12:15 Beginners Yoga


Class Descriptions:

Feel Good Yoga: A steady, flowing class focused on alignment

Calming Yoga: A floor based class to balance the mind and body, relaxing and restoring

Beginners Yoga: A slow moving class which teaches the fundamentals of yoga

Please note a minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel or the full amount is due



“I started yoga with Sarah almost 5 months ago as a complete beginner. Attending once a week I was nervous and worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the classes. Sarah set me at ease and gradually I have found myself becoming more and more interested in Yoga and attending as many classes and workshops as I can fit into my schedule. I feel healthier, I sleep much better, my joints and muscles are gaining flexibility and as a result I’ve found myself eating a healthier diet which has led to weight loss of almost a stone!” Victoria

“Each class I do with you is more amazing than the last! You are totally awesome and a true inspiration. Can’t put into words how fantastic I feel.” Clair

“I’m really enjoying your classes. I’ve got so much out of it that I never even imagined”. Kerryn

“Thank you for the classes. They are making such a difference to my well-being and I really look forward to my sessions each week.” Caroline

“Thanks for the class and providing such a nurturing environment. It was the first time I have felt so calm and rested after a yoga class.” Tayo

‘Went to this morning’s class and it was ace – great teacher in lovely, relaxing surroundings.’ Hilary

‘Thanks for today Sarah. You have created a really beautiful space to practice.’ Dani

‘I’ve recently taken part in Sarah’s yoga classes at  The Cabin. I’ve been doing yoga for many years and I’ve been very fortunate to have been taught by Sarah in various studios around London. I’m so pleased she has her own yoga studio now, it’s very private and exclusive as it only has 12 mats. It’s very peaceful and unique space and at only  £8 per lesson it’s less than half the price of other studios. I love your classes and I’ll be back every week. Well done Sarah!’ Jacob


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