sarah brown yoga

Sarah is available to come to your home or workspace for private yoga classes, including one to ones or group sessions. These sessions can also be arranged online via Zoom.

Benefits include:

  • Yoga sessions designed for your body in order to meet your goals
  • Alignment advice to suit your body
  • Increased knowledge and technique
  • Written self-practice routines
  • Sessions include an element of meditation and relaxation
  • Cost: available on request


'When I first started yoga with Sarah, I could hardly walk due to a significant health issue.  Sarah worked with me, always thinking creatively to help me figure out what I was capable of and gently encouraging me to try to and expand my limited range of movements.  A year on, I'm now almost back to normal and in no small part thanks to Sarah, who has made yoga so much fun.  I find yoga is a great benchmark of improving health and under her guidance, my improvement in postures has made me feel brilliant both physically and mentally. It's wonderful to have a form of exercise that works both body and mind and where I can really feel that I'm progressing.  I love her  private sessions.  As she smashes my limited beliefs, handstand here we come!' - Emma
Due to having abnormally stiff joints and flat feet, I damaged my ankles and legs in a gym session that went wrong. After over a year of receiving no help from the NHS and finding that my body wasn’t going to heal itself, I decided to try yoga. Because of my stiffness, I’ve never been good at physical activity and always felt too self-conscious to try something like yoga around other people. So, I only tried it out of desperation without expecting to get healed, but reasoning that it might at least help with the stiffness that’s plagued me since childhood. Much to my surprise, after only three months of regular practice, the pain in my legs is almost gone and my ankles have considerably improved. My general flexibility has improved to where I’m now putting less pressure on my ankles and the way I walk is noticeably smoother. Three months is a very short time to have made such improvements, but it’s because Sarah has such a great understanding of the human body and is able to focus on my specific needs in our private classes, giving me precise instructions for what to work on when I leave. I would highly recommend her classes to anybody suffering from stiffness or physical pain and I will continue to take classes with her long after I improve! - Alan